Friday, February 25, 2011

What The Hack with You Girl!

hello. firstly, does it look gorgeous! okey done! haha. well saja ja letak gambar blog sendiri. lawa isn't it? despite have tiring day. for almost a week! feel boring with Facebook. Here blogger, never make me feel that. GILAA! i still trying update my blogger even i don't have any idea. at least i try! okey okey.

lets start. today i have received one message from unknown number. guess want to know me? maybe. but then, i text her that i also a GURL. and i wrote my name Sofea. seriusly i love gurl start by S-word! then she's told me that her name is Eva.

at once i didn't reply. then she's text me twice. pathetic, rite? balas lah juga. haha. gila kesian. then she's told me want to msg with me. i mean the real me. reply with asking, i have trade my number with her. so she using mine. and i using her number. so at first she's didn't noticed anything. until one part she's said curious bout me. and and you know what. she text me like this:

what relation between you(sofea) dengan dia. are you ur friend or just the special one?

yup.. dia lukakan perasaan kawan saya. ianya sama saja macam dia melukakan peraaan saya. jangan siksa kawan saya dengan sikap ego awak.

seirusly, i really don't get it what she's trying to say. once i recieved that text. urmm. i didn't reply. what the hack seyh. ape ape saja. ta pernah pulak cam nih. manusia pelik hantar msg bukan bukan. someday i will text her AGAIN. telling what really happen is! macam pelik dengan text tu. seriusly. okey guys. i thinks i'm done. see ya! tergantng kan cerita. nanti aku cerita yang lebih. sebab rasa pelik dengan text cam gitu. pelik seyh! anyways bye peeps!

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