Monday, July 30, 2012


Asalamualaikum, peeps.
Now I do realize that being at home for a month is totally bored- actually not reach 1 month since quit my job. 20120729 I went watching theater seen been long time. Well, The Dark Knight Rises my kaklong's treat cause just you know am the only brother she had. Talk about The Dark Knight Rises, am kinda like this movie from any previous batman such as Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman &Robin, and The Dark Knight.

This movie, well, for me about the matured superheroes different with other superheroes story. Kids might like watch Avangers movie cause they have more action and all character from Marvel. Dark Knight Rises have so much action even the Batman rarely come out  but the gadget is superb. Looking at Selena Kyle is so elegance and more mature. No need a sexy outfit like previous Catwoman movie play by Helle Berry. I do love this superheroes movie cause this is my passion, just so you know Batman from DC Universe. Honestly, you neva' regret watching Christina Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway do some action. Thought am gonna watch Dark Knight now seem now Batman is my favorite superheroes now! See Ya


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