Sunday, July 29, 2012


Assalamualaikum, peeps
Since I being jobless person, routine for the whole day comes change cause my sleep schedule. I was like bat or maybe a young owl which sleep in the morning  and my friend got to tell me that i am Insomnia. Insomnia also can describe as sleeplessness. What should to do with this kind of diseases? Do you ever feel like difficulty sleep? Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep? Is there any medicine or maybe something can avoid this diseases.I know by eating sleeping pills is dangerous.

Well, at night am not really surfing internet for sure but doing some stuff such drawing, watching movies - korean drama seriously! My dad don't got to understand me cause as he though once the internet just fixed in the house, I was to obvious with internet by surfing, Skyping or something etc. The fact I am not really but maybe it Yes, but not like 24hours just siting  front of laptop. Dad don't understand me well  but mom really know me. Yes- my laptop open but I am not surfing but play some songs. From his view maybe I'm to obsessed with surfing without thinking bout sleep. Dad you are wrong! I am in insomnia. Why can't you understand this? What ever it is, is there any cure for this cause am so badly hate this Insomnia. Help me!

 nothing but sleep


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