Saturday, July 28, 2012

Three Words

Assalamualaikum, peeps.

Have you guys thinking , how does it feel to have a LOVE feeling towards who does not have the same feeling in return? i has google what definition of LOVE; is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. This is some of the definition of LOVE really is and the rest just look by yourself. In this case, who should be blame? 

Sometimes words can easily spoken out but the word of love is implicitly. Just the only reason why people do easily says the word of love just because he/she easily to fall in love. The words sometimes really meaningful but people. Well, people thinks that words is just word that does not any meaning. An example Saya Sayang Awak. Saya Suka Awak and Saya Cinta Awak. These two phrase that have hidden meaning and give impact of feeling. Back to words of Cinta, Sayang and Suka. These three of words give their own define and each of words give an different feeling. 

Starting from word Saya Suka Awak. It can comes with random feelings and could be anyway, anyone, anyplace, etc. If you got noticed that Suka can comes once ternampak benda- benda yang cantik. An example, Saya suka dia kerana badan nya yang montok seperti Lana Nordin, Saya suka dia kerana bibirnya nipis seperti Tasha Shila, Saya suka dia kerana matanya sangat bulat seperti Kajol. We can see through that which word of Suka it not like feeling anyway, but because of something beauty that attracted with. 

And now the words of Sayang. We usually know that sayang selepas suka. And not of every of Suka can becomes sayang. It could remain as Suka if good values are not present in feelings. Here some of definition of Sayang,Sayang is level to fall in love or other words to take a responsibility to give a good care of his partner base on her attitude, behave, kehendak, etc. Have to accept no matter she  or he really is and most important is Akhlak and Ikhlas.

Don't just Sayang because she gorgeous or allegiance. What happen when someday she got an accident car and kaki nya terpaksa dipotong. Obviously, he can't accept because the word of gorgeous nor beauty of her are fade. For God's sake I know what that girl feel. This can described as Ikhlas, accept no matter happen on your partner. Without the values of Ikhlas in sayang that not something well defined toward he/her. Ikhlas alam menjaga hati, Ikhlas dalam menerima apa adanya,  Ikhlas menerima kelebihan dan kekurangannye, Ikhlas melepasnya jika itu yang dipinta-Nya. But if there Ikhlas dalam Sayang. Allah pasti akan menerimanya dan masa yang menjadi pengukurnya. Insallah :)

Lastly, defined of cinta; which all of level, when someone has Sayang and Suka. Cinta not because of nafsu. Don't get me wrong there many type of nafsu. For me Cinta really difficult state to reach but when someone has reach hanya dia akan memahami betapa indahnya dunia dan terasa dunia ini sangat adil. No doubt in relationship, no lies, suspicious and to be include, Trust. The word of Saya Cinta Awak really meaningful to me from now on. Now i know that 3 words carried each definition respectively. Oke. So get your partner and say it :)

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