Saturday, August 18, 2012

Did You Still Remeber With Your First Love?

Assalamualaikum, peeps :)

First the for the second time, Resz going to talk about Love. You may read my previous post bout love on this . Seriously, I'd hate talking about love even with nobody BUT now I have to talk about THIS issue since i have watch this short film I had found on youTube - it horrible love, seriously terrible actually! When i look this type of love, macam terasa sedih bila cinta pergi. I mean she's dead. It remind me with my first love of DEATH! I had watch some short film about love and seeing that all type of love kinda beautiful and sweet. Maybe my first love come when i was unprepared and just let it go just like useless dust. That time all i thought love was something in distant horizon. This just not because i let her go but some few reason that unspoken.
People do appreciate with all their first love's memories but me cause it too hard. The most issue about me is my anger even all my close friends know by my manners that kinda hot-tempered. Who care about first love? You? Hell ya!

This short movie above shows someone usually using Skype-well maybe. As connected with the one you love so do I. But the sad of this story is, I didn't know whether this couple using Yahoo Massenger or Skype. Talking creep, asshole! I've no idea about this video to describe just watch it and feel it deep in your heart and cry on. HAHA. Next of this video below :

This super bad-ass nice love story really cute I guess. I wonder that girl didn't get tired run to the boy's house to stick the paper front of the door. This is insane, man! Whatever it is, just watch it. Sorry for talking shit with my bad english. Well, Selamat Hari Raya. I will back to my hometown by next saturday morning- maybe. Wish me for safe long journey- in fact not that long :) See Ya for the next post. I forgot about posting my new drawing tutorial. God damn it!


  1. cuba try tgk vid clip tanpa by 6ixth sense.

  2. nice and sweet x) we will never forget whose taking our first-love experienced. ^^,

  3. wahhh...dah pulang yer
    momoy suka video yg last tu
    alaaa...sweet sangat
    tampal-tampal note tu kat bilik so cute!

  4. mestilah ingat resz....
    ada saya abadikan dalm blog saya...